BPCI Tutorial Video 6: PO2 Score – Know Your Movers and Shakers

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BPCI Tutorial Video 6: PO2 – Know Your Movers and Shakers

PO2 score – measure good physician habits that lead to positive patient outcomes at a lower cost.

As an episode initiator, you’ve put programs in place, you’ve partnered with the right providers to deliver great care to your patients, and have seen improvements in patient outcomes. At reconciliation, you see the financial impact of such great care, and can also highlight areas of improvement. Now, it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

At O2, we’ve devised a measure called the PO2 score. Quite simply, the PO2 score looks across a physician’s episodes in the performance period, to find out how they stack up relative to their peers. It is 100x the ratio of the physician’s claims in episodes treated under target prices to the physician’s claims in episodes treated above target price.


PO2 > 100 flags physicians as those providing more effective care at lower costs
Drilling into the PO2 score shows various aspects of optimal care delivery that might be ripe for institutionalization.
For physicians with a PO2 < 100, the drill down will also highlight areas where they need additional support to improve outcomes.


To measure financial impact of the PO2 score, we calculate a PO2$ Amount
PO2$ = PO2 score x claims / 100. The PO2$ Amount quantifies the individual physician’s impact.


Your physicians with the highest PO2$ in a reconciliation period are the MVPs for that period
Their practice patterns optimize overall patient and financial outcomes, leading to wins in BPCI.

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