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Owned Outcomes™ (O2) is software that helps you win at BPCI. Make data driven decisions. Engage physicians around key initiatives and support patients throughout their episode all the way to recovery.

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*Small providers take care of 1,000 or less patients per year.



Episode Insights:
Pointed & Actionable.

Know which of your BPCI episodes will be a success. Understand how to curb your readmission rates, increase health gains, lower unnecessary costs, and drive care improvements. O2™ doesn’t give you a plethora of graphs to drown in, it gives you pointed insights to drive your bundled payments charter.
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Episode-06Getting ready to launch: Learn which of your episodes are high, medium, and low opportunity. Select the right opportunities and turn them into action items.

Once you are live: We analyze your raw claims as they come in and give you instant updates on how your episodes are doing. Get insights on the optimal way to help your patients get better as fast as possible for the lowest cost and drive care improvements along the way.

After you’ve delivered care: See your gains, your level of exposure, what you did right and what went wrong. View your performance relative to your goals and quality metrics. Identify opportunities to create health gains, and institutionalize the behaviors and patterns that led to the success.

Gainshare Administration:
Brief & Engaging.

Communicate with your physicians during their best times. Give credit where it’s due, share gains, and offer them data on trade-offs they’re making in seconds of their time. Let them get back to what they do best, caring for patients. We turn gainshare administration into physician engagement.
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We summarize a month’s worth of quantified data on the trade-offs your physicians make on a daily basis, and deliver it to them in less than a minute of their time. They will be able to see how they compare to other physicians and understand how their practice differs from others.

As a participating organization, get insights on how your physicians are performing individually and as teams. Grow as partners and provide better care for your patients.

Discharge Director™ (d2):
One Patient. One Care Plan.

Focus on patients at an individual level and provide them with the best post-hospital strategy and care. Identify support services and name the post acute providers best qualified to take care of each individual patient. Meet their preferences and help them get better in the settings most fitting to their speedy recovery.
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Site of Care-13

d2 gives your discharging physicians foresight by giving them insights on post-acute provider performance. Now you’ll know which post-acute care providers are best able to execute on your care plan and your directions for each of your patients.

Patients often accept d2’s recommendations because it incorporates their needs and wants into the decision making process and their doctors stand behind it with detailed and helpful explanations as to why.

d2 is your go to post-acute referral management tool. It standardizes your site of care selection process anytime, anywhere, on any screen and gives the right information to the right transition team members when its needed most. With d2, you get high quality outcomes consistently, time and time again.

Continuous Patient Care:
Behaviorally Informed.

Have an ongoing conversation with your patients – one conversation at a time. Help them feel cared for and safe. Increase their health literacy and empower them to stay compliant to their health regimen.
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chat2-07Our tools help you provide continuous care to your patients. Our patient engagement programs offer many points of contact on both web and mobile. Help guide your patients through the process of managing a difficult episode and provide them with individualized educational programs tailored to their current health needs, in both English and Spanish. Work with your patients to overcome challenges and create positive, long-lasting habits.

With our help, you can support, educate, and activate your patients towards a speedy recovery and an adherent lifestyle.



Becoming an Outlier

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O2 is HIPAA compliant as well as BAA & CMS Data Use Agreement Ready. Not to mention we have the tightest security in town with AES-256 encryption. We take on the processing in bundled payments for you so you can focus on delivering care.


Transform your bundled payments into opportunities starting now. Quick, data-driven decisions 100% secure, compliant, and hassle free.


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Bundled payments is a team sport. We stand on the shoulders of many including our friends at HCI3.

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